Due to unexpected circumstances, we were not able to score the submachine gun match in the usual way, with two people working with the aid of a laptop computer.  Our chief statistician had to leave the morning of the match due to unexpected illness and thus, another volunteer who usually aids in scoring was now left to do all the work unaided and with no computer.

So, in our noble, but now unrealistic goal to have match results finished and the winner’s plaques awarded by the end of the match, there were errors made when tabulating those results and incorrect statistics were scored and posted.  Those errors resulted in erroneous finishing orders in both vintage and modern class.

In retrospect, I should have immediately notified all the participants when this abnormal situation became apparent and that as a results of this development, the match scores would be tabulated and checked before announcing results a day or two later instead of unfairly leaving the scoring in the lap of one person to do it in real time.

I believe all of you are owed a detailed explanation of what happened and I apologize and take responsibility for this major screw up.  We now have the corrected results and you can see them at “Match Results” in the header under 2017 30th Annual Subgun Championship Match.       We will contact the initial and now corrected 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in both classes and make arrangements to get the awards straightened out.

Gary Gelson, IAWCA President and Co-Match Director

Our next shooting event is the

28th Annual Semi-Auto/Full-Auto Rifle Match 

Sunday, October 22nd at Parma R&GC

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