07-20-2019 – 25th Annual PSS (Pistol, Subgun, Shotgun)

Date & Location: Saturday, July 20, 2019 at Gem County Rod & Gun Club 

Registration Begins: 8:00 am

Mandatory Safety Meeting: 8:30 am

Event Begins: Pistol begins at 9:00 am followed by subguns, then shotguns.

Entry Fee:  Members: $20 for first match, $5 for each additional match.   Non-members: $30 for first match, $5 for each additional match.   Spectators Free and always welcome!

A Club Mac 11/9 is available for IAWCA members only.

Description:   Three separate matches for pistol, submachine gun and shotgun (Dove loads only).  Competitors shoot against each other in a man-on-man double elimination.  Clean your steel targets and knock down the stop plate first to win.  Think drag racing with guns.  First shooter to do this twice eliminates the other guy.  Bring plenty of ammo!  You can enter one, two or all three matches.

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