IAWCA hosts a wide variety of events focused on Class 3 firearms. The current events are listed below. Click an event title for more information about the event including scores.

Event Date/Location Description
Annual Evening Tracer Fun Shoot

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Held at Parma Rod & Gun Club Range

This is a “Tracer Shoot” and particpants will be rquired to make sure that a MINIMUM of 20% (one in five) of the ammunition they will be using is tracer ammo.  Hot food and drinks will be available in the club house.
St. Patrick’s Day Fun Shoot Saturday, March 14, 2020

Held at Parma Rod & Gun Club Range

This is our first warm weather fun shoot.  Guaranteed to get rid of the winter “blahs”.


31st Annual Semi & Full Auto Rifle Match



17th Annual WWII Battle Rifle Match





TBD 2020

Held at Parma Rod & Gun Club Range


TBD 2020

Held at Parma Rod & Gun Club Range



This one day event will feature various stages to test competitors’ skills with semi-auto or full auto rifles/carbines. Bring out your semi-auto or select fire assault rifle for an afternoon of fun. (AP ammo not permitted!) There is a Ladies Class.

This match allows you to test your marksmanship today with the battle rifle of yesterday (actually, World War II). Shoot semi-auto or bolt class or both. There is a Ladies Class.

18th Annual
Crew Served
Held at Parma  Rod & Gun Club Range
This match, except for the submachine gun/spotter is for medium or general purpose machine guns. This includes .308 (7.62 NATO), 30.06, .303 British, 8mm Mauser, 7.62x54R or 7.7mm Japanese calibers. No tracer or armor piercing ammunition is allowed.
26th Annual PSS – 3 Gun Shoot Off 06-27-2020

Held at Parma Rod & Gun Club Range

Three separate matches for submachine gun, pistol and shotgun. Competitors shoot against each other in a man-on-man double elimination. Clean your steel targets and knock down the stop plate first to win. First shooter to do this twice eliminates the other guy. Bring plenty of ammo! You can enter one, two or all three matches.
33rd Annual Subgun Championship CANCELLED

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Held at  Parma Rod & Gun Club Range

This non-tactical event has four stages, including our famous moving target.  We will be awarding the best shooters in two divisions:   Stock: Factory issue. No Modifications.  30 Rd mag only (may be downloaded to 30 rds) and  Unlimited  Any legal subgun with modifications.   Entrants may compete in one or both divisions.  There is a Ladies Class.
Annual Great Pumpkin Fun Shoot CANCELLED

 Saturday, November 7, 2020
Held at Parma Rod &Gun Club Range

A relaxed get together of members, families and friends and a real fun way to bring a close to our season. This is a fun shoot with an interesting variety of targets, especially for the belt-fed crowd.