06-27-2020 -18th Annual Crew Served Machine Gun Match


17th Annual Crew Served Machine Gun Match

Date & Location: 06/27/2020 at Parma Rod & Gun Club

Registration Begins: 9:00 am

Mandatory Safety Meeting:  9:15 am

Event Begins:  9:30 am

Entry Fees:  $40 entry fee.   The entry fee is per gun/crew and NOT for each crew member.  However, all crew members must register and attend the safety meeting.

Match Description:  Crew Served Machine Gun Match Requirements and General Description

This is a single stage match that will be held on Main Range at Parma Rod and Gun Club. The course of fire will be determined and stage set up will be done the morning of the match.  The course of fire and actual round count is determined the morning of the match but it is advised to have a minimum of 300 rounds for the main gun loaded in feeding devices and even better to have an additional 200 rounds, just to be sure. This does not include submachine gun ammunition.

Stage set up is at 8:00am, sign ups will begin at 9:00am and a mandatory safety meeting will be at 9:15am.  All participants must attend this safety meeting.  The match will commence fire at 9:30.

This crew served match is open to medium/general purpose machine guns in the following calibers; 7.62×39, .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO, 30.06 Springfield, .303 British, 8mm Mauser, 7.62x54R, 7.7 mm Japanese.  No light machine guns (5.56 NATO/.223) or heavy machine guns (.50 BMG/12.7mm) are allowed.

No tracer or armor piercing steel core or steel jacketed bullets will be permitted.  Any questionable ammunition will be inspected. This applies to submachine gun ammunition as well.

A three person “crew” shall consist of a main gunner, assistant gunner and spotter/submachine gunner.  These 3 assigned duties can be interchangeable. All crew members must have hearing AND eye protection.

Accessories such as mounts, sights, feeding devices, stocks, bipods, etc. are allowed ONLY if they were standard issue or in use with that particular weapon when in service.   For example: the optical sight that was commonly used with the German MG34/MG42 will be allowed but an optical sight or red dot mounted on a Browning 1919A4.1919A6/1917A1 will not be allowed.

If there are any questions or clarifications regarding these or any other details, please contact Match Director Jack Wilson at 408-374-9651

Spectators free and always welcome.

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