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The IAWCA CMP Matches

The IAWCA CMP matches are a great opportunity for shooters to hone their rifle shooting skills. It does not matter if you are a long-time rifle match shooter or a first-time rifle match participant it is a fun way to become more proficient with your rifle. These matches are for service rifles (AR 15/M16, M1A/M14, M1 Garand). Matches can be shot with bolt guns but you will need to be able to use stripper clips to reload rapidly. We do have an open class that will allow you to shoot any rifle. 

We do offer prize money for seasonal high aggregate scores for service rifle ($50) and M1 Garand ($50) it is possible for one person to get both of these prizes and has happened in the past.  

The Matches consist of 4 matches or stages. 

1st Match 

  • Slow Fire Standing Single Load Only (the sling cannot be used in this stage) 
  • Time Limit 12 minutes (2 minutes for 2 sighting shots & 10 minutes for 10 record shots) 
  • SR target at 200 yards 

2nd Match 

  • Standing to Sitting Position, Rapid fire (requires a mandatory reload/magazine change) 
  • Time limit 60 seconds for 10 record shots 
  • SR target at 200 yards   

3rd Match 

  • Standing to Prone Position, Rapid fire (requires a mandatory reload/magazine change) 
  • Time limit 70 seconds for 10 record shots 
  • SR 42 target at 200 yards   

4th Match 

  • Slow Fire Prone Single Load Only 
  • Time Limit 22 minutes (2 minutes for 2 sighting shots & 20 minutes for 20 record shots) 
  • MR 52 target at 200 yards 
  • Each stage is allowed 2 minutes for 2 sighting shots 
  • Total Round count is 58 (50 scored and 8 sighting shots) 
  • Best possible high score would be 500 50 x rings   

IAWCA does have 2 Club AR 15’s and 1 M1 Garand for club members to use in club matches, you must use club ammo in these rifles and reimburse replacement cost or use approved factory ammo. We need to know in advance if someone wants to use club rifles to make necessary arrangements. 

Shooting in these matches meets part of the qualifications to purchase rifles from the CMP. 

Matches are held at Black’s Creek range on the first Tuesday of the month April through September, signup begins at 5:30 pm and the Match begins at 6:00 pm, match fees are $15 per person, cash or check, sorry no plastic.  

Blacks Creek Range No Longer allows The Use of Any Projectiles Containing any Steel if You Have Any Doubt Check Your Ammo With A Magnet